The problem ? LOSS OF DATA. Today you store your most precious memories on digital media. CDs, USB keys, hard drives... have a lifespan of 30 years at best. They get scratched, demagnetized, coffee-stained, and become incompatible with your latest computer. The Cloud gets hacked, it is expensive and dematerializes your personal information.  Our solution ? The NANOFORM : A sapphire disk that protects your data for eternity and in style.




The project was successfully funded by 341 backers on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

However it's not ended: You Can order Now Your Personal Nanoforms in our Online Shop.

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Own your nanoform


You can now order your personal 2" or 4" nanoform, Here.  



See the nanoform





Supporters of the Fahrenheit 2451 project on Kickstarter had the unique opportunity to leave a message or a picture on "La Nanoform", a public 4" nanoform displayed in a museum forever.

It's not too late ! There still room and you can still order your spot on "La Nanoform", go into our Online Shop.


Save and Display

A unique art piece for your memories

The nanoform encapsulates your data in style. The sleek shiny disk is delivered in a see-through, shock-resistant case.

Display it proudly on your shelves, hang it on your walls or around your neck, the choice is yours. 




As a unique token of your affection give a medallion.

Choose 50 memorable photos and order one or two 1" drilled disks.

Drilled medallions make beautiful necklaces and earrings.

Click the links below to navigate in a Medallion design sample (original or encoded by us). 



Latest News

Shipping our first 2'' Nanoforms

Shipping our first 2'' Nanoforms

19 April 2016

We are glad to announce that the manufacturing process for 2...

First Medallions shipped !

First Medallions shipped !

02 December 2015

The first Medallions has been shipped and delivered ! Today...

First pictures received!

First pictures received!

29 July 2015

Hello everyone! We opened the Joomeo accounts of all our ba...

You can now upload your pictures!

You can now upload your pictures!

24 July 2015

Dear Backers, We created your secured and personal Joomeo a...


The team is composed by enthusiastic people from 3 companies: XYALIS - Arnano - Kolor