You can order now your own Nanoform in our Online Shop.

Discover our different models: 50mm, 100mm and 200mm personal nanoforms, and the 25mm sapphire medallion.

You access the content of the Nanoform through our cloud-based viewing solution  and share it with your friends and family. 




Wear around your neck up to 120 of your most precious photos. Offer this sapphire pendant to your loved ones and pass on to future generations.

Engraved on a sapphire jewel, your wedding photos, your children photos or your most important data will remain intact forever.

We only ship the medallion. Mounting (necklace, earrings, …) is up to you. Be creative !

You also choose how to display the content: provide a single large picture (max 12.000 x 12.000 pixels), composed of up to 120 different images.






This Nanoform is available in two sizes : 2" or 4".

The 2” models stores up to 500 high definition pictures or documents, and the 4” stores up to 2500 pictures or documents !

They are composed of two slices of synthetic sapphire. Your data are engraved with a laser.

What you will store will remain intact and identical through time.

You can share content with family and friends through our hosting solutions and online viewing.






Wedding Gift

For two newlyweds, a jewel containing all their common memories to accompany them through life.


A gift for a loved one

With pictures of you two engraved inside. The 1" Medallion can even be worn as a necklace or earring!


A unique family tree

Engraved in a small piece of art, with the complete genealogical tree of the family and associated document facsimiles.


A memorial for a loved one

With an eternal tribute to his or her life, history, and accomplishments.


A lifetime catalog

A life timetime catalog of a writer, composer, model, photographer, collectioner... work Engaving all of his or her work into an eternal and tiny sapphire disk is a unique opportunity.


Traceability & IGP

You have scarce and/or expensive products  in your possession ?
A Nanoform will ensure the product origin

 Conservation image

Isere Departmental board archive, conservaton of nuclear plants CEA's plan, Andra : conservation of plans landfill of radioactive waste.

 Nanoform in Museum

Conservation of art in order to restore it in the future.